Seventh Circle is a boutique hot sauce brand focused on unique flavor combinations, natural ingredients, and small batch production. The name is derived from Dante’s Inferno. In this story, the seventh circle of hell is reserved for those who have committed violence. Hot sauce fiends could be seen as committing violence upon themselves. Through texture, color, and imagery I wanted to create a cohesive brand that represents it’s namesake and would be attractive to hot sauce aficionados. The first step in creating the brand was constructing a logo. The logo is the vehicle that drives a brand, and is part of all touch points. In exploring the logo, I wanted to create a mark that was easily recognizable and conveyed the brand’s messaging in a simple but clever way. The phrase “You reap what you sow” stuck out in my mind, as the seventh circle of hell is for those who have committed violence, and in this case on themselves. I went with the scythe, and illustrated it to be in the shape of the number seven.
The second step in creating the brand was designing the packaging that would host the product. I wanted to create unique illustrations for each label that would represent the name of the hot sauce, while unifying them through similar layout and style. The challenge was to make sure they were cohesive but distinguishable.
The next step was to create an informational piece. This could be used to educate consumers, wholesalers, and grocery retailers about the product. It includes information about the brand and detailed information about the sauces. I went with a die cut, square, tri-fold brochure to organize this information and to create something visually interesting.
The next step was to create a web presence for Seventh Circle, where users could learn more about the brand, buy the product directly via e-commerce, find recipes to try, and to find a retail location near them where they can find Seventh Circle Hot Sauce.

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